Projects & Events

NFU -Bonbati DK has carried out lots of Community Development projects as far back as 2005 starting with the alma maters of its members. Scholarships were offered to less fortunate to assist them in their education. We also gave awards to the best pupils/students that encouraged many to work hard.

We have been assisting the Fon (King) of our Kingdom in some of his numerous projects amongst which are the construction of palaces around Nso Kingdom.

Bongbati provided school materials (Tables, Chairs, Projectors, Laptops, Computers etc) to at least three Schools in Kumbo: GBHS Kumbo, GBHS Kimbo & GSS Meluf respectively.

Some hospital materials were also shared to students nurses, wheel chairs to the disabled and some clothing to the needy in Kumbo -Nso.

Due to the socio-political crisis in Cameroon which has been going on for three years now, Bongbati has been providing financial, food & medical assistance to the Refugees from Southern Cameroons living in Nigeria and the bushes. They are planning to excecute another project with the refuggess in Taraba state- Nigeria by providing reusbale sanitary kits for the women and do some health Screening.

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